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Ever wondered what kind of voicemails are left for the most famous phone number in the world, 867-5309? Well, so did we. So, we managed to acquire one of the numbers. As it turns out, the messages left for the famous digits were just as crazy as we expected; possibly even crazier. Not only that, but the sheer volume of voicemails we recieved shocked us. It still does. Once we had one number, we knew we needed more. Over time, we built a nationwide network of these crazy phone numbers. We call ourselves the Jenny Network. Now you can listen to the best (and weirdest) of the messages left for 867-5309. Leave your own, and you could even be featured! Go, do it!

Want your business’ message to play on the most memorable phone number ever? Want exposure for your business that you can’t get anywhere else? We specialize in adverising your business on these unique numbers. For more information on our services, click below.

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